The Positive Mindset Entrepreneurs Club

Leverage the power of mindset to build your business quickly and easily, the feel-good way.


We are a group of home-based entrepreneurs, health and wellness practitioners, coaches, authors, artists, and creative professionals who want to build strong, profitable businesses without the hustle and grind.   

We leverage the power of mindset to take our businesses to the next level, the "feel-good" way.

We do this through awareness, shifting our inner dialog to the positive, and implementing intentional, aligned action so that we build wildly successful businesses by working fewer hours and doing the things we love to do.

We come together to connect, inspire, strategize, and collaborate so that we may spur each others' growth, achieve financial success, make a positive impact in the world, and leave a lasting legacy.


We live in a world where the "experts" yell at us from all sides ...

"Work hard to build your business!"
"Get out of your comfort zone!"
"You have to hustle and grind, or you will fail!"

The "experts" are wrong.

We, the members of the Positive Mindset Entrepreneurs Club, have come to an awareness that the path to a thriving, sustainable business is the happy path.

Feel good FIRST, then take action.

We know that a positive mindset is the primary ingredient to building a business quickly and easily.

We desire to stay on the happy path day-in-and-day-out, and in our world, it's easier to do that TOGETHER


We know that happiness is the foundation for success in all that we do.  Because when you feel good . . .

. . . you FEEL LIKE taking action;
. . . you have access to better ideas because the creative pathways in your brain are open;
. . . you show up in the world as your best self;
. . . you like people better (and they like you better too);
. . . you feel like engaging;
. . . an action taken meets with better results because you're in the "flow";
. . . and you make more money!

Join Us and Become a Founding Member!

If you're tired of feeling pulled in all directions by "expert" advice that makes you feel overwhelmed;

If you'd love to have a tribe of entrepreneurs to help you stay on track with a positive mental attitude;

If you'd love to get ideas and tips for building a business that align with your spirit;

... then join us.  

Join the only club on the internet that combines mindset with intentional action so you can "step into your celebrity" and build the business of your dreams


If you're tired of "pretending" and acting "as if," then you are ready for the "I AM" Experience (exclusive to Positive Mindset Entrepreneur Club Members).  

The "I AM" Experience is available immediately after you join.  Enjoy 21 days of mindset-shifting exercises! 

What is the fastest path to success, abundance, productivity, and confidence?  Embodying and embracing the NEW version of yourself NOW.  

Over 21 days, you will discover HOW to do that -- how to EMBODY the new you.  Dana will walk you through each step of the journey, and at the end of 21 days, you will not only feel like the "new you," but you will also have a database of mindset tools you can use anytime.  

And the best part is that we will all be doing these exercises in the PME Club, so you can ask questions, discuss the exercises, share your experiences, and hear stories from others.  

The "I AM" Experience is transformation at its best!  


When you join now, you get access to The 21 Days of Positive Expectation Adventure!  

You'll receive 21 SHORT, easy exercises that you can practice in your everyday life to raise your level of Positive Expectation!

Successful people naturally have a higher level of positive expectation. This is how they get results. They are NATURALS at it. They don't even know they are doing it!

The good news is that you can LEARN how to Train Your Brain to raise your level of Positive Expectation and get results too!

Join the fun in the Positive Mindset Entrepreneurs Club!

Club Founder

The founder of this club, Dana Wilde, the bestselling author of Train Your Brain built two businesses to the million-dollar level (each in under two years).  She built her businesses the "feel good" way -- by putting mindset and happiness FIRST.  She has taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs how to train their brains and build successful businesses quickly and easily.

She brings together Positive Mindset Entrepreneurs to connect, inspire, strategize, and collaborate so that we can spur each others' growth, achieve financial success, make a positive impact in the world, and leave a lasting legacy.

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